New Policy Has Of 04/21/21

Customers who file disputes with PayPal in an effort to use their system to keep our product and get refunded will have their name, email and PayPal email reported to all other forex developers and authors for blacklisting. If you purchased our product and file a PayPal dispute with the reasons mentioned below in the “we will not refund you” part, you may also be reported and blacklisted by other forex sellers and authors.

***Please read the terms below before making a purchase***

Refund Policy.
Please read this policy thoroughly before making a purchase.

Our priority is your satisfaction. That said, the nature of digital items like ours require strict measures which we have implemented. By purchasing our product, you agree to these terms.

We will refund you if:

  • You receive the wrong download link.
  • Our server crashes.
  • You made a double purchase.

We will not refund you if:

  • You find that this system is “not for you” or just don’t want it anymore.
  • You serial refund.
  • Lie about the function of the software.